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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Designing BOPP Labels

The concept is the first step in BOPP labels design. This idea is more important than anything else in the design. Thought is always independent of design. The difficult thing to convey in visual works may be ideas.

In the design, the basic elements are equivalent to the components of the work, and each element must have the purpose of communication and enhancing communication. A really good designer usually attaches great importance to it, and the overall requirements consider the use of elements. In the layout, components can be divided according to categories so that they can be classified as follows:

Title, text, background, color, theme graphic, blank, visual center, etc. Graphic design layout is a process of organically combining various elements. For example, the layout of frequently used frames (also called bones) has many forms, regular and irregular frames, visible and inferior frames, and font elements including fonts, font selection and matching. Good or bad is very special. The process of selecting font style is an aesthetic decision process. The use of color elements can reflect the designer's understanding and training of color. Color is a language (information) with emotion, which can make people think of it and make them feel warm, cold, light and heavy, big and small, etc. Making full use of visual elements is one of the basic skills of designers.

Technology is a skill. It is not easy to impress the audience today and attract a large number of visual products. There are many ways to convey information, but one is a complete and good design, which uses traditional aesthetics to make the audience read and remember.

Many graphic processing and expression techniques in BOPP labels design are divided into three main parts: contrast, analogy, exaggeration, symmetry, main and secondary, light and shade, change, repetition, contradiction, radiation, rhythm, thickness, warmth, cold, etc. In addition, I learned hand-painted effects from graphic processing effects, such as oil painting, pencil, watercolor, printed matter, crayons and graffiti. There are other photos and old photos. Which one would you choose? It depends on the purpose and target population and design level.