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What Is The Market Situation of Shrink Sleeve Labels

shrink sleeve labels is a part of the label market and is growing rapidly. Its market share is expanding and its development potential is huge. It has become a bright spot in the label printing industry.

The food industry is the largest market for shrink sleeve labels.  Shrink sleeve labels are widely used in the packaging of various fast food, lactic acid food, beverage, snack food, beer cans, various wines, agricultural and sideline products, dry food, native products, etc.  The customer base in the shrink sleeve labels market is mainly some large fast-moving consumer goods companies, whose products are in large quantities and require long-format live printing.  Gravure printing has a high initial investment, but its high printing resistance and low relative cost make it the first choice for shrink film printing.  Moreover, the graphic and text parts on the printing plate are concave, so that solid ink layers, bright colours and rich layers can be obtained.

With the promotion of flexographic printing, some shrink films are also printed by flexographic printing, especially PE materials that cannot bear too much tension, and CI flexographic printing machines are mostly used.  In the non-food field, the application of shrink sleeve labels is also increasing day by day, such as labels and bottle caps, seals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical products, sporting goods, kitchen products, daily groceries, etc.  At the same time, it has also been widely used in ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts, building materials and transportation materials.