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What Factors Are Related To The Price Of Bottle Labels

According to our understanding, the prices of bottle labels are not the same, with many styles and different prices, and different labels are used in different places. Customers will also choose according to their actual situation. So what factors are related to the price of bottle label?

The price of bottle labels is also related to raw materials. Most labels are made of plastic, paper and metal materials, and different raw materials will also affect the price of labels. Generally, labels for paper raw materials are common. If the paper used is ordinary, the price will be relatively cheap. Some high-end products will use relatively good paper, and the production price of such labels is not cheap. Plastic labels are also common, especially on some high-grade products, and metal labels, such as some wines and foods, which may use metal labels. The production cost of such labels is very high, and generally only high-grade products will use them.

The price of bottle label is also related to the content. A small label will naturally need to show some product content, so that it is a perfect label. However, in fact, there are some difficulties in designing the content of many labels. The requirements of customers are high and the package capacity of labels is small. Therefore, the content should be carefully considered to meet the requirements of customers as much as possible. Moreover, some labels need to be carefully carved, especially those made of metal or plastic materials, which are difficult, but after the production, the effect is really good.