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Water Labels Conform to Modern Aesthetic Trend

A beautiful water labels, let you remember it at a glance. The water labels are not easy to tear, waterproof, oil-proof, fresh, simple, modern, clean and versatile, and conforms to the modern aesthetic trend.

The water labels made of transparent material is sticky, simple and practical, and can be applied immediately. Its details are as follows:

1. Adhesion resistance: full viscosity, water gel production;

2. Easy to tear: die-cutting is flat, leaving no waste;

3. High transparency: transparent material, simple and versatile.

We have:

1. Advanced equipment: advanced label production equipment can meet the special customization requirements of labels. Printing equipment is complete and various types of labels can be printed.

2. Exquisite craftsmanship: a team of senior technicians with rich experience in the industry, a custom-made mode integrating design, printing and post-processing, beautifully printed, and details to upgrade the label.

3. Rapid supply: all kinds of raw materials are well stocked and the delivery period strictly follows the agreed time.