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Unique Advantages Of In Mould Labels

(1) The appearance is novel and beautiful. The in mould labels are naturally integrated with plastic containers, with smooth hand feeling. The labels change with the shape of containers. After repeated extrusion, the labels will not rise, fold, drop, etc., and can withstand scratches during production and transportation, and remain intact and beautiful for a long time.

(2) Strong anti-counterfeiting function. In mould labels system needs special processing mold, and the price of a set of in mould labels labeling equipment is at least 15% higher than that of traditional molding equipment, which also improves the difficulty of counterfeiting to a certain extent and plays a certain role in anti-counterfeiting.

(3) Strong environmental tolerance. In mould labels materials are mostly film materials, so they have the properties of water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, friction resistance, etc., which ensure that they are not easy to fall off or damage under special conditions.

(4) Safety and environmental protection. In mould labels and container molding can be completed at one time, thus avoiding the possible pollution to the container caused by re-labeling the traditional label after container molding. Because the in mould labels is the same as or similar to the container material, its recycling rate is higher and its cost is lower.

(5) High production efficiency. After the in mould labels and container molding is completed once, the packaging production line is faster, the efficiency of filling line is increased by 5% ~ 20%, and at the same time, the inventory is reduced, the production cycle is shortened, and the cost investment for labeling is saved.