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The Substantial Role Of Plastic Labels Brings About The Market

There are many kinds of labels, including plastic labels, paper labels and metal labels; Plastic label includes heat shrinkable film label and labeling. From the labeling process, it can be divided into labeling and labeling; Labeling can be divided into manual labeling and machine automatic labeling, and labeling can also be divided into manual labeling and machine labeling. The set of labels must be from heat shrinkable film; Manual labeling is adhesive tape or self-adhesive.

From the present situation of label market, the development speed of plastic label greatly exceeds that of paper label and metal label. Because it is not as good as plastic labels in terms of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, especially liquid packaging.

Many condiments, such as soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking oil and drinks, are packed with paper labels, which is one of the sorrows of the label market. No matter from which aspect, the advantages of plastic label are obvious.

1. Waterproof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof. Even if you soak it in water, the label remains intact and fresh. Don't be afraid of getting wet, dirty and polluted. Wipe it gently and make it beautiful again.

Second, plastic labels are mostly printed in gravure, with rich and bright colors. This is an important factor why consumers like products with plastic labels.

3. Plastic labels can be designed with various anti-counterfeiting measures, which is difficult to counterfeit.

4. Because the plastic label is always fresh, free advertising is given to the marked and products for life, until the bottle mould.