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The Shape of Bottle Labels Is Constantly Upgrading And Developing

Plastic bottles are not only used as packaging containers for products, but also an important medium for communication between products and consumers. Of course, the most important one is the bottle labels. At ordinary times we seldom pay attention to the design and production of bottle labels. However, bottle labels have their own importance, and their product forms are constantly upgrading, developing and changing. Bottle labels range from original paper adhesive labels to plastic labels to heat shrinkable film labels. Now some new forms of bottle labels such as LED are also appearing.

The continuous improvement of bottle labels makes the information display of plastic bottle packaging products flexible and diverse, which plays a very important auxiliary role in the development of plastic bottle packaging. As the market needs to carry more and more information for bottle labels. The two-dimensional code is added to the bottle label to connect the mobile phone terminal so as to display more information. In addition, some WeChat LED products are now put into plastic bottles to display product information as labels. This is for the development direction of bottle labels.

In addition, although bottle labels play an important role in product display, they need to be peeled and cleaned and require a lot of labor in recycling because the materials are different from plastic bottles. Therefore, the design of bottle labels needs to consider the issue of recycling in the later period.