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The Self-adhesive Sticker Can Be Utilized To The Maximum Extent

The self-adhesive sticker is one of the important materials for the self-adhesive sticker. When we produce and make a self-adhesive sticker, sticker paper is essential. Therefore, the choice of the self-adhesive sticker has a great influence on the quality and application of the self-adhesive sticker. When choosing the self-adhesive sticker, we must choose the most suitable self-adhesive sticker paper according to the actual situation.

Self-adhesive sticker is mainly used to meet the need for convenient pasting of the brand sticker. A layer of self-adhesive adhesive is evenly coated on the back of the paper and adhered to a layer of wax-coated paper which is easy to peel off. Self-adhesive is available in roll type and single type. Commonly used self-adhesive sticker is printed, rolled and die-cut with a knife line, stripped of blank excess parts, leaving the printed matter of a certain shape on waxed paper.

When in use, as long as the finished product is peeled off and directly pasted on commodities or packaging materials, it is very convenient and quick. In addition to coated paper and other paper, self-adhesive sticker include aluminum foil, gold card, silver card and coloured polyester film as non-adhesive printed matter.

The different self-adhesive sticker has different self-attributes. When we choose the self-adhesive sticker, the self-adhesive sticker is an important reference factor for us. We can choose our suitable self-adhesive sticker according to different types of the self-adhesive sticker so that our self-adhesive sticker can be utilized to the maximum.