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The Print Labels Supplier Introduces You to Common Labels

In common printing plate making, there are six kinds of print labels: flexo printing label, in-mold label, gravure label, silk screen label, digital label and offset printing label. Their respective characteristics are different. The following print labels supplier will briefly introduce the respective characteristics of these common printed labels.

Flexographic label: relief printing, also known as flexographic printing, is the mainstream processing method of label printing today.

In-mold label: refers to a special label paper made by processing the surface with PP synthetic paper and coating special hot melt adhesive on the back, and printing it into a trademark.

Gravure label: Gravure printing is the main printing method for plastic film printing today, mainly for printing various plastic packaging bags and peripheral labels of cola, edible oil and other styles (such labels do not have glue on the back), and not many adhesive labels are printed with gravure.

Silk Screen Label: Silk Screen Label Labels are mainly suitable for the electronic and mechanical industry. Film switch is a typical product in its process. Silk Screen has the advantages of thick ink layer, bright color, concave-convex feeling and strong visual impact. It is suitable for restoring simple patterns such as lines, color blocks, characters and the like, and the general total number of printing colors is not more than 4 colors. The disadvantage is that the printing gradient effect is poor, and exquisite multicolor printing effect cannot be realized.

Digital label: digital direct printing technology is adopted, without traditional film production and plate making. digital label printing machine can print on special materials such as plastic paper. it is suitable for living parts with small number of short plates and short time. digital label printing has great development potential.

Offset label: The most traditional printing method can only print flat sheets, and most of them are paper labels. Plastic label adhesive offset printing has many defects and is rarely used by enterprises. Generally, it is a small amount of paper-like living parts with offset printing.