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The Market for Shrink Sleeve Labels Has Great Room for Growth

In terms of label industrial processing, flexo printing has the fastest growth rate among various printing methods. At present, the more popular label is shrink sleeve labels, which can be better used in decorative cans, ordinary bottles and wide-mouth bottles to attract consumers to buy such products, such as baby food, air fresheners, coffee and shaving cream. Compared with the annual growth rate of 4% in the film label and flexible packaging market, the annual growth rate of shrink sleeve labels is as high as 7%, and the market of shrink sleeve labels has great growth space.

When making shrink sleeve labels, besides printing machines, there are also attachment processing equipment. There are mainly sewing machines, special testing machines for shrink sleeve labels manufacturing and high-quality slitting machine. In which the slitting machine longitudinally cuts the printed roll material while treating the edge portion of the film. When using slitting machine, care should be taken to avoid heating the cutting edge, as the hot cutting edge will wrinkle the slitting edge.

Gravure printing dominates the printing of shrink sleeve labels, mainly using solvent-based inks. Secondly, flexo printing is produced using water-based inks, sometimes cationic UV inks and solvent-based inks. However, because printing ink needs to shrink along with the film, and the flexibility of free radical UV ink is not as good as other inks, it is recommended not to use free radical UV ink in actual production. Now, the function of flexo printing is increasing day by day, and its application is becoming more and more unique. The quality of printed products can be compared with that of gravure printing or even exceed that of gravure printing, which fully shows the trend of flexo printing high-quality products. With the strengthening of JIT, the emergence of micro-strips, the regional nature of products, the increase in the number of commodities, the requirement of short version of live, people's demand for transaction time is increasingly strengthened, reducing market costs. Looking at the characteristics of flexo printing, I believe that the production mode of flexo printing will increase in the production of shrink sleeve labels.