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The Difference Between The Self-adhesive Sticker And Traditional Labels

  First, the use of a self-adhesive sticker is simpler and faster.

  Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive sticker does not need to be glued, not past, does not need to be drenched, and has no pollution, which can save labeling time and be conveniently and quickly applied in various occasions. Different fabrics, adhesives, and backing papers can be processed into a variety of labels for use on materials that are not suitable for general paper labels. It can be said that the self-adhesive sticker is a kind of universal glue, also known as a self-adhesive sticker, timely paste and the like.

  Second, self-adhesive stickers and traditional labels are very different in printing.

  self-adhesive stickers is usually printed on the label linkage, and multiple processes are completed at one time, that is, one end is the input of the whole raw material, and the other end is the finished product. The general printed matter is processed in a single process. For example, a sheetfed offset press can only print without processing other processes. Self-adhesive stickers printing is more complex than traditional printing processes and requires higher equipment performance and operator quality.