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The Choice Of Plastic Labels, These Three Elements Are Very Important

The quality of the product itself is the most basic. Secondly, the packaging and details of the product will directly affect the user experience and feeling of consumers. So how to choose high-quality plastic labels is also crucial to the promotion of the product.

1. Classification and characteristics of plastic labels materials

According to the classification and characteristics of plastic labels materials.  Different materials have different printability, transparency, tear resistance, softness, stiffness, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc., so the use of plastic labels should be considered.

For example, it is used as a commodity logo in supermarkets.  Paper plastic labels materials with strong adhesiveness should be selected.  The labels on the goods in the freezer or refrigerator should be made of low-temperature resistant flour.  At the same time, these must be waterproof.

2. Characteristics of printed product surface substrate

According to the characteristics of the substrate on the surface of the product.  Plastic labels and products are used together. In order to maximize the publicity effect of the two, the characteristics of the base material or packaging materials of the products must be fully considered.  For example, if the composition of the base material is different, then the ability to combine with plastic labels is also different. If the shape of the base material is different, the required softness and stretchability of the labels are also different.

3. Use the environment of printed products

Secondly, the transportation environment for plastic labels should be considered.  Temperature and humidity should also be considered.  Temperature difference range, indoor or outdoor, whether there is direct sunlight, etc.  Although plastic labels already have the waterproof capability, the adhesion and firmness cannot be ignored.

If you want to choose high-quality plastic labels, you must consider the above three points. In addition, in the printing equipment and operation process, strict checks and attention to details are all direct factors that can directly affect whether plastic labels are of high quality.