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Temperature Is A Great Test For Self-adhesive Sticker

With the arrival of summer, the temperature is rising, and the requirements for self-adhesive sticker are also very high. So what effect does temperature have on self-adhesive sticker? We mainly consider the storage temperature of self-adhesive sticker, the labeling temperature of self-adhesive sticker and the use temperature of self-adhesive sticker.

1. Storage temperature of self-adhesive sticker: In the self-adhesive sticker factory, the storage temperature of labels is about 23 degrees, so the environmental temperature of labels purchased by users should also be about 23 degrees. If it is placed outdoors or in a lower temperature environment, it will easily cause the glue to freeze and lose its viscosity. In places with high temperature and humidity, the hot melt adhesive of self-adhesive labels will overflow and the initial viscosity of labels will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct storage environment.

2. Labeling temperature of self-adhesive sticker: Each self-adhesive sticker has a minimum labeling temperature, which cannot be lower than this temperature when labeling. If the label is lower than the minimum temperature, there will be problems such as weak sticking, warping, etc. The temperature favorable for labeling is also 23 degrees.

3. Application temperature of self-adhesive sticker: After the label is attached for 24 hours, the glue of the label and the surface of the attached article have been fully combined. Each label has a suitable use temperature. For example, low-temperature resistant labels can be used at-70℃ to 196℃, and high-temperature resistant labels can be used at 300℃.

Only by purchasing self-adhesive sticker suitable for the ambient temperature of your products can you achieve the desired results.