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Summary Of Advantages And Characteristics Of In Mould Labels

The so-called food in mould labels is to put the printed trademark label image (with hot melt adhesive on the back) directly into the mould area of the plastic moulding machine, and combine the label with the container by blow moulding or injection moulding to form a complete packaging container. The in mould labels have many practical features:

Feature 1:

Food self-adhesive labels and bottles are on the same surface, so it feels like the color pictures and texts of self-adhesive labels are directly printed on the surface of bottles. It feels real and upscale.

Feature 2:

The products are environmentally friendly, and there are many kinds of in mould labels materials. Common plastic containers are matched with the in mould labels materials with the same composition. At the same time, because the label is combined with the container, the recycling rate of the bottle body is higher.

Feature 3:

The close combination of in mould labels and bottle body has the overall effect of direct screen printing, and can perfectly embody delicate patterns and small words like self-adhesive labels. Compared with self-adhesive printed labels and heat shrinkable labels, the in mould labels are less likely to break and fall off, which can keep the labels intact and beautiful for a long time.

Feature 4:

Food self-adhesive labels have high anti-counterfeiting performance by in mould labels. The use of in mould labels requires a special mould, which has high manufacturing cost and has the function of cost anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, the die label printing process is more difficult than the traditional label, thus achieving the purpose of process anti-counterfeiting.