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Storage Method of BOPP Labels in Winter

In cold environment, the viscosity of BOPP labels decreases with the decrease of temperature. The conditions that BOPP labels often encounter in winter, such as non-stick glue, Fei Biao, dropping labels and so on, are all related to temperature.

1. Storage environment temperature

The storage environment temperature of BOPP label should not be too low. Self-adhesive materials placed outdoors or in cold environment can easily cause frostbite of materials, especially glue. If it is not properly restored, the viscosity and processability of self-adhesive will be lost or lost.

2. Processing environment temperature

Processing environment temperature is very important for materials to be processed smoothly. If the temperature is too low, after the viscosity of the material decreases, there will be poor printing, die-cutting Fei Biao, Fei Biao and falling marks in the processing, which will affect the smooth processing of the material.

3. Labeling ambient temperature

The labeling environment temperature should meet the product requirements. First of all, it is necessary to introduce relevant concepts: the lowest labeling temperature of self-adhesive products refers to the lowest environmental temperature at which labeling operation can be carried out.

4. Label preset processing

Tag presetting is very important in cold areas. If the temperature of the label itself is low or even frostbite due to the unsatisfactory transportation and storage conditions, although the labeling environment temperature meets the requirements, the viscosity and processability of the self-adhesive will also be affected because it cannot be recovered in time.

5. Use temperature range

After labeling, it usually takes a period of time (usually 24 hours) for the viscosity of self-adhesive label materials to gradually reach the maximum value. It is not advisable to put containers or products that have just been labeled into an environment with large temperature difference immediately (even if the environment meets the use temperature range of self-adhesive materials).

6. Surface cleaning

When labeling, attention should also be paid to the pressure control of labeling and the cleaning of the surface to be pasted. A suitable labeling pressure can not only ensure the pressure sensitive characteristics of pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels, but also discharge the air between the labels and the surface to be pasted. Therefore, the label is firmly and flat. Cleanliness of the pasted surface is also an important factor to ensure the viscosity and flatness of the label after pasting.