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Small Bottle Labels, Great Design Knowledge

Your bottle labels must be able to represent your brand, convey your idea and show your uniqueness.  Bottle labels plays an important role. Perhaps what can impress us is the inadvertent glance at it.

If you want to take an elegant route:

At this time, we need to consider more design elements, consider some traditional elements, or keep it simple as far as possible, so as to highlight elegant tonality, such as classic fonts, simple graphics and soft colors.

If you want to take the young fashion route:

If the target customers you define are young people, if you want to attract their attention and love, you must give them what they like.  You have to understand them, read them, and communicate with their world outlook and language, such as rich colors.

If you want to take a different route:

At this time, you have to write more articles on your bottle labels, so that it can convey the novelty of your brand.  Doing what others can't think of and do what others dare not do may make you stand out from many competing products.