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Shrink Sleeve Label Is A Novel Label

Shrink sleeve labels are a relatively new label and are quickly used in product packaging in a variety of markets. Manufacturers print sleeves on digital or flexographic presses with text printed on the shrink sleeve. The sleeve is then placed over the container and it is tightened (heat-shrinked) around the container with heat. The label is then applied to the surface of the container.

The benefits of shrink sleeve labels: Shrink sleeves offer some of the best design possibilities and often reduce cost and turnaround time. Many brands are turning to shrink sleeve manufacturers to enhance the vibrancy of their designs and get unique labels. The shrink sleeve can be digitally printed, eliminating the need for plates and ensuring optimum print quality while making it economical in the short term. In addition to the brand, sleeves are an attractive option because it allows you to add features to your product packaging while saving on total label and container costs. By extending the sleeve over the cap, strip seals on the container or other more expensive tamper options can be eliminated, saving cost. With a sleeve, you can use a lighter bottle - reducing the cost and weight of the total packaging system. These innovative labels are used in plastic, glass or metal containers and are common in many marke