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Print Labels Supplier Management Personnel Control Issues

The nature of print labels supplier management is not in management, but in the relationship and the strength of the relationship. The company level and business level have adopted inappropriate strategies and tactics, or failed to unify the strategy. It is difficult for the following supplier management personnel to manage. At this time, you can use linear weak, medium, and strong to distinguish suppliers, or you can use 4 quadrants or 9 grids to distinguish suppliers. Keep in mind that when you are putting your suppliers in your various matrix tables and thinking about how to deal with them, they also put your customer into their matrix tables with CRM theory to consider how to deal with you . Take a different approach depending on your environment. The reason why procurement can promote suppliers and even allow suppliers to make a loss on one project is because other projects can be repaid. The reason why suppliers are unwilling to get up early is capacity on the one hand and willingness on the other hand, and willingness is the main factor. Take care to keep a proper distance, not too close. He wants to engage in interpersonal relationships and make your relationship buddies. If you become buddies, it is his success, not you. To have the ability to solve problems, technical skills, management methods. If you are a purchasing and quality person in this industry, you can't lose technical skills to suppliers, and your management methods have natural advantages. This is one of the few places where you can learn reliably to accumulate strength. In terms of testing people, you should design some dialogue questions, throw out some irrelevant tasks, and feedback through these aspects. In the end, whether the person you are in contact with is credible, executive, understanding, and professional. Because there is a stage for testing people, it is natural to consider the aspect of employment. Everyone has advantages. Even if they are not credible, even if they have no execution ability, and even if they do not have understanding, they have their other advantages. Do the right place. The situation that the supplier can't do things according to your plan is happening every day. The reason that the supplier gives you back will always be a question mark. Find a supplier quote, always find multiple, even if the other party is a supplier you trust, don't be too troublesome, as long as the time does not drop the chain of suppliers, even if the other party quoted you , The price is also very good, you should also pay attention to, after the official mass production, due to exclusive supply caused by his sudden price increase. When a supplier has a problem, it is necessary to be able to go on, go to the supplier's actual production and where the problem occurs, and talk to the person closest to the truth. (There is a comment here that I regard the supplier as a beast. This is not the case. In this procurement position, you are taking the double risk of external failure and internal doubt. Of course, it is also your responsibility. What you believe is not What the other person says, what you have to do is to make sure that you have the mission the company has given you. In addition, I would like to add that many people or suppliers have performed well, but when he finds that you have started trusting him, he will relax and you will Pay the price, please also understand the suppliers, everyone is just business relationships, maybe further business partnerships, but also business relationships, so please understand the difficulties we face, and please do not (Xin Han) When you start talking with him, you will gradually get closer to the truth. Sometimes it is as exciting as solving a case. Do n’t just trust your corresponding interface personnel, because you have to deal with many suppliers, but he may just be To deal with you, or that he has already figured out how to deal with you. There is another group of people who are your real opponents. They have goods in their hands and do not send them, because they also want to change the relationship between strength and weakness. Whether the change is I beg you to give me business or you beg me to deliver to you. There must be bargaining chips. How to negotiate, I wo n’t talk about it here, there are too many materials on the market. Have the courage to make decisions. After ten years in the industry, watching suppliers lie to you, playing tricks with you, perfunctory with you, and cheating with you, I am no longer angry and accustomed to it.