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Print Label Suppliers Provide Convenience for Various Industries

At present, print labels supplier are widely serving various electronic and medical machinery industries, daily chemical industries, logistics, supermarket industries and so on.

1. Electronic industry

Electronic digital equipment products, electronic devices have now spread to every corner of people's lives. The further popularization of household appliances and communication tools has made the development of the electronic industry unprecedented in scale. Labels can be used on computers, electrical appliances and mobile phones.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry

With the promulgation of GMP certification standards by the state, the pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for the standardization of drug packaging, and further requirements are being made for the hygiene and aesthetics of packaging. On the premise that the adhesive material meets the hygiene standard, the self-adhesive label can well meet the needs of drug packaging. On the one hand, the production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are relatively high, and the flow-line operation is fast. Many medicine bottles need automatic labeling to meet the requirements during labeling. On the other hand, self-adhesive materials are suitable for various printing methods, with clear pictures and texts, neat and strong adhesive effect, so that self-adhesive labels can meet the requirements of the market for drug packaging.

3. Supermarket and Logistics Industry

Self-adhesive labels are already essential in supermarkets and the logistics industry. In every corner of supermarkets, whenever you see a product, there will be a self-adhesive label on it. Nowadays, many express delivery companies have gradually replaced the express delivery list with self-adhesive labels.

4. Daily chemical industry

Self-adhesive labels have been widely used in daily chemical industry. It is understood that, at present, the proportion of domestic daily chemical products using self-adhesive labels as labels exceeds 30%, while according to statistics, the self-adhesive labels on the domestic market are still maintaining a rapid growth momentum in the daily chemical industry and are being applied more widely. Label materials will also develop to a high level and diversified direction.