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Precautions For Self-adhesive Sticker During Printing

  In the self-adhesive sticker printing process, quality problems often occur to the printing process: the backside of the self-adhesive sticker material is dirty, the printing ink, the ink flying, and the static electricity are generated. These failures can affect print quality and steps must be taken to eliminate print quality. Below, we analyze the reasons for the above problems and find a solution.

  1. Ink during printing

  The tiny droplets of ink scattered in the air are called "flying inks", also known as ink mist, which is the most common self-adhesive sticker failure of high-speed rotary letterpress machines. To slow down the “flying ink” phenomenon, you can increase the humidity in the press room and use conductive inks such as water-based inks.

  2. Ink printing penetration

  The offset of the ink refers to the phenomenon that the front side of the sticker can be seen on the back of the sticker. To prevent the ink from being printed, it is possible to select a paper having a large sealing property or to increase the viscosity of the ink and appropriately reduce the printing pressure.