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Plastic Labels Are Widely Used In Various Industries

Battery Industry: The battery manufacturing industry has widely used labeling machine as a roll-up shrink label. It is required that the label can operate at a high speed while keeping the label's excuse flat, taking into account the prevention of short circuits and the shrink function of plastic labels.

Petrochemical industry: The petrochemical industry often needs to label containers such as large barrels and bottles. The required speed and precision are not loose. However, due to the large label size, the power requirement for labeling labeling machine is high. In addition, when labeling large area labels on arc surfaces or online labeling in running water with uneven speed, the designer should also pay attention to the smoothness of labels.

Drug industry: The drug manufacturing industry is a major user of labeling and has high speed requirements. The design of labeling labeling machine should take into account the integration of pre-and post-labeling processes and provide additional functions such as labeling headlight inspection and automatic bottle feeding after labeling.

Medical Industry: The use of self-adhesive labels is becoming more and more widespread in the medical product manufacturing industry. Besides being used as labels, labels also provide other functional uses. The design of labeling machine stickers should also be changed due to the particularity of labels.

Food Industry: The competition in the food manufacturing industry is fierce. Multilayer labels provide manufacturers with more space for publicity and promotion, and also pose new challenges to the design of labeling machine stickers.

Daily chemical industry: The application of daily chemical industry requires that the shape of containers changes with each passing day. Soft plastic containers and "unlabeled vision" also make it more difficult to control the labeling accuracy and bubble removal.

Beverage Industry: The application of the beverage industry requires high speed and accurate positioning, often with multiple labels for one bottle, and the appearance and materials of labels often change. The labeling requires very high skill of position control.