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Plastic Labels Add Icing On The Cake To Your Product

Because the products on the market are increasing gradually, people don't pay much attention to the products because of the large number, because there are many similar products, and plastic labels are one of them, so how can plastic labels add icing on the cake to your products?

Plastic labels refers to a kind of composite printed matter with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back and silicone-coated protective paper as the base paper. In terms of product form, it is a composite single-page printed matter with adhesive coated on the back, which can be bonded to the place where customers need to bond.

The so-called printing of plastic labels is the process of transferring ink and other substances to the surface of the printing material pre-coated with adhesive layer on the back under certain pressure. Compared with ordinary printing, the printing of plastic labels has the following characteristics:

1. Widely used

It is not only used in food and beverage, groceries, household appliances, stationery, etc., but also used in price labeling in the field of commodity circulation, clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

2. Easy to paste

Glue, paste and other adhesives are not needed, which is very convenient and has no pollution to the appearance of goods.

3. Durability

Strong adhesion, flexible adhesion, heat resistance and moisture resistance, and difficult aging.

4. Small investment and quick results

Plastic labels are mostly trademarks and stickers, which have a small format. Only one trademark printing machine can complete all processes such as multi-color printing, laminating, on-line die cutting, automatic waste discharge, hot stamping, etc., and the printing speed is fast and less waste products are produced.