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Marketing Role Of Heat Transfer Film

Currently, the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, automotive, and other end-use industries are increasingly using thermal transfer printing on their promotional equipment, such as point-of-purchase displays and banners. Increased market competition has led to increased promotional activities. Because increased advertising content on audio and video media has reduced consumer interest in advertising, today's advertising is more expensive and the effect of increasing sales is even worse. Promotions have a direct positive impact on sales and can drive impulse purchases.

Heat transfer films are used for printing on promotional equipment such as displays and banners. High graphic and creative design printing on displays and banners attract customers to test or buy products. Compared to digital flexo printing, which is heavily used in banner ads, thermal transfer can provide high definition, gloss and eye-catching graphics. Various colors and color combinations can be achieved through thermal transfer. Food and beverages are the largest industries, using heat transfer films. Automotive and personal industries are expected to develop thermal transfer films at the fastest speed. It is expected that in the forecast period, food and beverage, personal care and other industries will create attractive market opportunities for thermal transfer films.