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Introduction To Printing Methods Of Print Labels Supplier

Self-adhesive label is also called self-adhesive printing and trademark printing. It uses a certain printing method to print labels into self-adhesive materials. The printed finished products can be removed and pasted on commodities or packages to mark them. So, what are the ways of self-adhesive label printing? What are their characteristics? The following is an introduction by the print labels supplier.

Printing Method 1: Offset Printing

Offset printing is characterized by fine pictures and texts, rich levels, suitable for large-scale printing, and the printing equipment can be used in one machine for many purposes, which is the main printing method in domestic self-adhesive printing factories. However, offset printing of single-sheet paper is not suitable for film. Film labels are mostly roll-to-roll printing and require volatile dry ink.

Printing Method 2: Flexography

Flexo printing is characterized by high production efficiency, advanced technology and no pollution to the environment. Flexo printing is mainly used in non-adhesive printing factories in Europe and America. Flexo printing is mainly ink and UV ink, roll-to-roll printing is adopted, and die-cutting is mainly circular die-cutting.

Printing Method 3: Convex Printing

Convex printing is characterized by exquisite, economical and stable quality. Embossing is a common printing method in the Asia-Pacific region. Self-adhesive printing mostly uses resin ink, roll-to-roll printing and sheet-fed printing coexist, and die-cutting is flat and flat.

Printing Method 4: Screen Printing

Screen printing is the printing method with the widest adaptability to the substrate. Screen printing labels have the characteristics of strong ink colour and strong stereoscopic impression, but the overprint accuracy is not high. Most equipment can only print single sheets of paper, which is not suitable for the production of film labels matching the production line.