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In Mould Labels Is One Of The Decoration Methods Of Plastic Packaging Containers

The in mould labels refers to putting the label printed and die-cut in advance in an open die. In the moulding process of plastic products, labels and resins are fused into a whole.

In mould labels can be divided into blow moulding in mould labels and injection moulding in mould labels according to the way of label moulding.

The surface is treated with pp or synthetic paper, and the back is coated with special hot melt adhesive to make special label paper. After the label is printed, it is sent to the inside of the mould by a manipulator, and the hot melt adhesive resin on the back of the in mould labels is melted by the high temperature of plastic melt extrusion, so that the label and container are integrated. All these processing operations of the in mould labels can be completed only in one process. In mould labels is one of the fastest developing and most effective decoration methods in plastic packaging containers. It creates a new situation in design for plastic container/bottle manufacturers and other commodity packaging manufacturing.

In recent years, in mould labels have been widely used: they are used in food packaging containers, such as dairy products, ice cream and condiments; There are containers for petrochemical products, such as lubricating oil, containers for daily chemical products, such as shampoo and shower gel, and containers for washing, such as laundry detergent, softener, toilet cleaner and glass cleaner.

In mould labels have excellent performance in appearance, production efficiency, anti-counterfeiting, waterproof and anti-falling, which has become the main reason why various businesses have adopted this technology.

On the finished product of in mould labels, the beautifully printed label is firmly embedded on the surface of plastic products, and the label and plastic bottle are on the same surface, without label feeling, and the color pictures and texts are directly printed on the surface of the bottle body. This container without label feeling is beautiful, and has the functions of anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, oil-proof, mildew-proof, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. It is safe, environmentally friendly and has high reuse rate.