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In Mould Labels Is Irreplaceable In Specific Application Market

As a "latecomer", in mould labels has certain specificity in its application field, which is not as extensive as self-adhesive label. Self-adhesive labels can be applied to almost all packaging materials such as plastic products, paper products, metal products, glass products, etc., as long as the surface of the object to be pasted is flat and smooth. Compared with self-adhesive labels, the application field of in mould labels is still relatively small. However, in mould labels has irreplaceable application advantages in specific application market. These advantages will only be recognized in the "right" market.

(1) Food field. In the food field, in mould labels are commonly used. In the European market, at least 85% ~ 95% of food packaging materials are processed by in mould labeling technology, which is mainly used in two sub-markets in China. One part is used in soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments. The other part is used for ice cream cups, drinking cups and other products with injection molded containers.

(2) Japanese-made products. Because most products in the field of Japanese chemicals are in contact with water in use, the good environmental tolerance of in mould labels has played a great advantage.

(3) Petrochemical products such as lubricating oil. The transportation conditions and use environment of lubricating oil put forward higher requirements for its packaging.

(4) Pharmaceutical products. In mould labels can also be seen in some high-end products in the medical field.

The successful application cases of in mould labels in its applicable fields attract more and more enterprises and brands to join the ranks of applying in mould labels one after another. In addition, the advent of innovative in mould labels materials has also promoted the application needs of the market to a certain extent. It can be seen that in mould labels is still growing in China's label market.