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In Mould Labels Is A Potential New Technology

The so-called in mould labels means that the printed trademark label image sheet (with hot melt adhesive on the back) is directly put into the mould area in the plastic mould machine, and the label and the container are combined by blow moulding or injection moulding to form a complete packaging container. The biggest characteristic of using in mould labels containers is that the label and the bottle body are on the same surface, and the color picture and text of the label are felt to be directly printed on the surface of the bottle body.

In mould labels film is a multifunctional material with plastic and paper characteristics, which is made of polypropylene and other resins and inorganic fillers as main raw materials and processed by biaxial stretching process. The source of raw materials and the manufacturing process of PP in mould labels film will not cause environmental changes and damages. It is a new plastic material product and an environmental protection product.

As a brand-new label packaging form, in mould labels have been popular in developed countries in Europe and America for many years. In recent years, it has also been favored by more and more printing substrate suppliers, label manufacturers and end consumers in China. In mould labels are mostly used for food packaging trademarks and label descriptions, which play an important role in food logistics, anti-counterfeiting and identification. In mould labels label is a new technology with great potential in China. Its popularization has replaced the labeling machine, reduced the production cost of manufacturers, improved the recycling rate of food packaging (containers), reduced the food inventory, shortened the production cycle, improved the production efficiency, and is very popular with people in the food and packaging industry.