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In Mould Labels Have Unique Advantages

People used to focus on the function of products. With the improvement of living standards, the consumer market is gradually developing towards high quality. Consumers have higher requirements for the appearance and even texture of products, which makes appearance packaging especially important. The in mould labels products are generally favoured in the industry due to their unique advantages in terms of high definition, good stereoscopic impression, scratch resistance on the surface, enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of packaging containers, improvement of economic benefits, environmental protection, enhancement of anti-counterfeiting, etc.

In mould labels are divided into blow-moulded in mould labels and injection-moulded in mould labels. The former has been vigorously promoted in China, while the latter has also been used in China in the past two years. At present, with the development of related technology, more and more domestic manufacturers have provided in mould labels technology and equipment for injection moulding. The problem of high cost bothering users will be gradually solved. In mould labels for injection moulding machines will become another new growth point in the in mould labels industry chain.

The use of in mould labels for injection molding machines in China started six or seven years ago from the packaging of ice cream. Ice cream belongs to freezer sales and needs to be stored in cold air circulation below -20℃. Therefore, there are special requirements for packaging technology. The in mould labels process is embedded labelling, which easily solves the problems such as edge sticking and peeling when using self-adhesive labels in a harsh environment, and ensures the good appearance of the product. Not only that, in mould labels have smooth, transparent and diversified labelling effects, providing rich choices for end-users.

After the successful application of the in mould labels of injection moulding machine in ice cream packaging, it has also been extended to other products in the food field, including milk, ice cream, coffee, milk tea, turtle jelly, biscuits, candy and other packaging containers, and the in mould labels of injection moulding machine has gradually been adopted.

In addition, for export of high-end brand lunch boxes, disposable cups and spoons, due to the relevant regulations issued by the European Union, product packaging needs to pass through new detailed rules and standards such as repeated washing, microwave heating, refrigerator freezing, etc. Common shrink film labels, silk-screen printing and self-adhesive labels cannot fully meet the above standards, only in mould labels can meet the requirements.

In the chemical industry, thermal transfer technology is mostly used for labels of barrel coatings and paint products, for example, a 20L barrel takes 40-60 seconds to transfer. However, before transfer printing, it must be transferred from the injection moulding workshop to the thermal transfer workshop, which is inefficient and requires more labour. In addition, the application of in mould labels can increase the compressive strength of the container, thus reducing the gram-weight resin in a corresponding proportion during production. Many paints, paint, and grease manufacturers have been actively considering the use of in mould labels, especially for large barrels of paint products.