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Important Application of Shrink Sleeve Labels

The shrink sleeve labels manufacturers use synthetic or natural polymer compounds as the main components, which can be plasticized and formed under certain conditions, and the products can finally keep the same shape of materials. Most plastics are based on synthetic resins, and fillers, plasticizers, colourants, etc. are often added. According to the change of properties after heating, it can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting. The former mainly has a chain-like linear structure, which is softened by heat and can be repeatedly moulded. The latter has a net-shaped structure after molding, and cannot be softened by heat and cannot be repeatedly moulded.

Shrink sleeve labels is a kind of film label printed on plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, colourant) film or plastic pipe with a special ink. During the labelling process, when heated (about 70℃), shrink sleeve labels will quickly shrink along the outer contour of the container and cling to the surface of the container. Shrink label mainly includes shrink sleeve labels and shrink wrap label. Shrink sleeve labels is a cylindrical label made of heat shrinkable film as a base material and printed. It has the characteristics of convenient use and is extremely suitable for special-shaped containers. Shrink sleeve labels generally require special labelling equipment to cover the printed sleeve labels onto the container.