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How To Select And Use Shrink Sleeve Labels Correctly

The shrink sleeve labels have strong adaptability, can decorate plastic, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic and other packaging containers, and are widely used in beer and beverage, medicine and health care, daily chemical products, leisure food, stationery and other fields. In order to achieve the best overall labeling effect, it is not only necessary to adjust the thermal shrinkage temperature of the labeling machine, but also important to select label materials and design patterns.

The design of decoration pattern on the film sleeve shall be determined according to the thickness of the film. When designing patterns, we must first find out the horizontal and vertical shrinkage rate of the film, as well as the allowable shrinkage in all directions after packaging and the allowable deformation error after decoration pattern shrinkage, so as to ensure that the contracted patterns and characters can be accurately restored.

The materials used for shrink sleeve labels should mainly consider three factors: environmental protection requirements, film thickness and shrink performance.

The basis for determining the film thickness is the application field and cost factors of the label. Of course, the price is not the decisive factor, because each kind of film has its own uniqueness. Users and trademark printing factories must specify the film used and the process most suitable for the materials before signing the contract. In addition, the required indexes of processing equipment and other technological factors also directly affect the selection of thickness.

In addition, the heat shrinkable film tube is also the material for producing shrink sleeve labels, and can be formed at one time without sewing in production. Compared with horizontal flat film, the cost of shrink sleeve labels is lower, and the surface printing of the tube body is more difficult to realize. At the same time, the picture and text of shrink sleeve labels can only be printed on the surface of the film, and the picture and text are easily worn during transportation and storage, thus affecting the whole packaging effect.