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Heat Transfer Film To Create High Quality Products


Characteristics of the heat transfer film
High quality product decoration
Beautiful design
Smooth texture
Application of heat transfer film
The heat transfer film label is a form of product decoration. For customers who are looking for a simplified, cost-effective, high-quality, consistent product decoration, heat transfer decoration has become the first choice. It has been widely used in food and beverage, personal care, Home care, laundry, fixed, disposable containers and barrels market. Heat transfer decoration has tremendous advantages over many other decorative processes, especially wet decorative processes. Nowadays, with the emergence of various types of heat transfer, the possibility of decoration seems to be unlimited. Heat transfer decoration can help you achieve high quality, consistent product decoration at a cost-effective price.

Advantages of heat transfer film labels
Drying process: no ink, no chemicals
Multiple colors: single pass
Custom color/recipe: different color formulas for each application
Unlimited possibilities: imagination is unlimited