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Features Of Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels still belong to the category of heat shrinkable film in essence, but their main application direction is the label rather than the packaging. For example, the outer label of some beverage bottles is a shrink sleeve label. And the outer transparent packaging similar to the bowl surface is the traditional shrink film sleeve.

Shrink film sleeve label is a new type of label printed on plastic film or plastic tube. It mainly includes common heat shrinkable film types such as PE, PVC, PET, and has the following characteristics:
1) The shrink film sleeve label is easy to process, the package is sealed, anti-pollution, and the product has good protection;
2) The shrink sleeve labels are close to the products, the packaging is compact, and the product shape can be displayed, so it is suitable for irregular products that are difficult to package;
3) When labeling shrink film sleeve labels, no adhesive is needed and the same transparency as glass can be obtained;
4) Shrink film sleeve labels can provide 360-degree decoration to packaging containers, and product information such as product descriptions can be printed on the labels, so that consumers can understand the performance of the product without opening the package;
5) The printing of shrink film sleeve labels belongs to film inner printing, which can protect the imprint, and the label has better wear resistance.
Since the shrink film sleeve is a thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented during the production process and shrinks by heat during use. Therefore, before the design of the surface pattern, the horizontal and vertical shrinkage of the material, as well as the allowable deformation error in each direction of the decorative graphics after shrinking, can be taken into account to ensure the accurate reduction of the pattern, text, and barcode that is shrunk to the container.
Because it belongs to the category of heat shrinkable film, its material and characteristics are not different from ordinary heat shrinkable film, but the printing is more exquisite.