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Exquisite Self-adhesive Sticker Promotes Purchase Desire

Due to the continuous improvement of people's requirements for their own quality of life, the use rate of self-adhesive sticker is getting higher and higher. Self-adhesive sticker have also developed rapidly from design concept, display form to printing process.

Everyone may not know much about self-adhesive sticker, but we say this: cosmetics self-adhesive sticker, shampoo self-adhesive sticker, detergent self-adhesive sticker, wet tissue self-adhesive sticker, bath gel self-adhesive sticker, etc., which everyone touches every day, is it clear?

As we all know, labels are the most important form of expression for product packaging. Delicate self-adhesive sticker are especially eye-catching, which can make the products of merchants stand out from the dazzling variety of shelves, achieve good visual effects and promote consumers' purchasing desire.

The label made of film material is very suitable for sticking on the bottle body which is very soft and needs to be squeezed frequently. On many transparent PET bottles, self-adhesive materials with good transparency effect will achieve the full transparency effect of "no label".

As an essential part of packaging, self-adhesive sticker are especially important for their novel and unique design, which will make people fondle admiringly and make people want to consume.