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Excellent Bottle Labels Performance Makes The Product Go Further

As we all know, the beverage industry attaches great importance to brand building and marketing. Therefore, manufacturers will naturally choose the most eye-catching labels and beverage packaging to attract shoppers' attention and stimulate sales performance through selling points.

Colourful bottle labels solutions with clever decoration make water, high-end soda water and alcoholic beverages stand out in crowded retail shelves. Many brands prefer labels with "hidden" or transparent appearance. The letters and pictures on the labels look like they are suspended on glass bottles and plastic bottles. These transparent labels fit seamlessly with the surface of the bottle body, presenting a pure and high-quality image.

Other brands use textured surfaces with strong colours and sparkling lustre to impress customers. Cold drinks are usually labelled with pictures that make people feel cold.

Labelling of beer and cider has long been regarded as an innovative standard. They use ultra-thin film labels and backing paper. Other beverage manufacturers are following the example of others. They have chosen ultra-thin label solutions to improve their production capacity and save costs while highlighting the quality of their products.

No matter what strategy is adopted, the self-adhesive sticker is powerful marketing tools for multinational manufacturers and fine beverage enterprises, which can provide unlimited customization opportunities.