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Easily Remove Marks Left By Plastic Labels

In our newly bought goods, there are usually some printed plastic labels, some printed logo trademarks, some price labels, etc. In our daily life, we often encounter that newly bought pots or glassware are always pasted with some labels. After the plastic labels are torn off, it is difficult to remove the marks left by the adhesive sticker on the pots or glassware. Wiping with wet cloth or knife will often leave marks. Here is how to remove the marks left by the plastic labels.

1. Use hand cream to remove adhesive. The hand cream contains a certain amount of surfactant, which can quickly penetrate between the adhesive and the surface of the object, thus achieving the purpose of removal.

2. For self-adhesive marks on the surface of hard objects, nail polish remover can be applied to the surface of objects, and then gently wiped with a soft cloth. Because nail polish remover is highly corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of articles that are afraid of corrosion, such as painted furniture, notebook computer case, etc.

3. Industrial alcohol or gasoline can also remove these traces. Similarly, if you have expired perfume or astringent water, you can also replace alcohol. Of course, objects with traces of adhesive tape must not be afraid of alcohol corrosion.

4. The aerosol is also a good thing. Generally, paper self-adhesive is smeared with some Aerosol, which can be torn off by hand after a few minutes.

5. The safest and best thing is to use alcohol. Generally, it is ok to switch to home-made white wine without alcohol, but the effect is worse.

6. If none of the above materials is available, you can try white acetic acid. Vinegar used for cooking at home also has certain effect, but the effect is not very strong.

7. Removal of traces of non-paper self-adhesive printed matter, such as PVC, PE and other materials, is relatively much simpler and can be achieved by wiping and cleaning more. However, some anti-counterfeiting plastic labels and specially printed plastic labels may be difficult to remove. It can only be dealt with according to specific situations. The key lies in recognizing the characteristics of the adhesive used in plastic labels.