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Do You Know The Characteristics Of Plastic Labels

The market of plastic labels is expanding constantly, and the market share of trademarks, stickers and signs is increasing day by day. Compared with other labels, plastic labels have the following characteristics in use.

1. Widely used. Not only in food and beverage, miscellaneous goods for daily use, household appliances, stationery, etc., but also in the price label of commodities in circulation, clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

2. Easy to paste. Glue, paste and other adhesives are not needed, which is very convenient and has no pollution to the appearance of goods.

3. Durability. Strong adhesion, flexible adhesion, heat resistance and moisture resistance, and difficult aging. These are the characteristics of plastic labels.

Because of the various characteristics of plastic label, it was quickly accepted and applied by the public as soon as it came out, replacing the traditional trademark, and it has become an indispensable logo decoration for goods.