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Development of Printing Technology for Shrink Sleeve Labels

In recent years, with China's rapid economic development, the market is full of various commercial elements. For printing, the wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties have naturally promoted the development of shrink sleeve labels printing technology.

Printing points of shrink sleeve labels:

As the labels used for commodities are no longer satisfied with simple packaging, making use of printing design to expose enterprise elements and products will become an important marketing method for enterprises. Labels not only introduce enterprise name, model and other information, but also a good shrink sleeve labels printing design can help enterprises stand out in the fierce product competition.

As a printing factory, printing a perfect label is not only the customer's requirement but also the printing factory's most important problem. To print a good label, one must be meticulous in design, material selection, ink, printing and processing.

In addition, for shrink sleeve labels, the unit area is generally not large, and a variety of information must be presented on a small area, which requires the high definition of printing, and the printed finished products must be colourful and legible. Highlights and shadows should be flat, lines should not be too thin, and the text size should be moderate, making the picture colorful and rich in layers.