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Current Development Trend Of Print Labels Supplier

At present, the development trend of print labels supplier is:

1. materials. From paper to film and special materials.

2. Equipment. From single printing mode to combined printing, that is, a label can be processed by several printing modes at the same time, which improves the printing and decorating effect of labels.

3. Technology. From ink harmful to human body and environment to ink and water-based ink, from ordinary printing to special printing, such as label back printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, etc.

4. Application scope. The application scope is expanding constantly. In transportation, light industry, commerce and other fields, self-adhesive labels will gradually replace traditional paper labels and some signs. In the decoration and advertising industry, the amount of self-adhesive will be larger and larger, which will bring about essential changes in many traditional processes. For example, the use of transparent film on the surface of automobiles can replace the traditional painting process.