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The unique affinity of food packaging design to attract consumers' attention

In the sense of facial features, visual experience accounts for nearly 88% of the proportion, while the other four feelings, namely, taste, hearing, touch, and smell, account for about 12%, so there is a lot of food on the food packaging. Active promotion that cannot be ignored.

How to make food packaging design convey taste information?

Through the color, pattern and conveyance of the packaging, the designer attracts the attention of consumers and promotes the sale of food. This is a successful design for the food packaging design to convey the taste information.

On the basis of exquisite packaging, designing a packaging project that can interact with consumers will surely attract more consumers' attention and thus increase consumers' desire to purchase. Interactive packaging design becomes an inducing factor, showing the emotional communication between food producers and consumers. This interactive purchase and use experience will give consumers a different feeling and win the trust and support of customers.

The most used food packaging design is undoubtedly the graphics, because the graphics can visually represent the good side of the food, which is why most food packaging choose more graphics as an important part of the packaging. By presenting the image of the product and other decorative items, it is possible to deliver product information to consumers more quickly.