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Analysis Of Application Status Of In Mould Labels Technology

In foreign countries, the in mould labels technology has been widely used for a long time, and has been gradually derived to China in recent years. This new technology is not only recognized by the industry, but also widely used rapidly.

In mould labels are divided into blow moulding and injection in mould labels. Blow moulding in mould labels products are a process in which printed composite material labels are sent to a bottle blowing mould cavity with a special structure through special mechanical equipment, and labels and plastic bottles are dissolved into a whole by using the extruded plastic temperature and blown air pressure. The process is mainly applicable to plastic packaging products made of PE and PP materials.

Advantages of in mould labels:

1. Play the role of anti-counterfeiting

The high technical content of in mould labels is an effective defense against forgery, mainly from selecting high-quality materials and making in mould labels to the design structure and production process of labeling production equipment and moulds, etc. should be closely coordinated with each other and cannot be produced unilaterally, thus increasing the difficulty of forgery.

2. In mould labels can improve the grade of products

Die label products are more beautiful than silk-screen and out-of-mould labeling products, with brighter colors and smooth handfeel.

(1) It is inevitable for social development to design more in pursuit of the aesthetics and interest of commodities.

(2) Attracting in the form of beauty and embodying the sense of the times with concise, clear and generous practicality.

3. The in mould labels product has strong practicability and low loss. Compared with silk-screen printing and out-of-mould label products, the in mould labels product has no ink dropping, label sticking, label dropping and damage, and has the functions of extrusion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, mould resistance, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cooling and heat resistance, so that the label is not easy to be damaged and stained under special circumstances.

4. The price of in mould labels products is similar to that of adhesive sticker and silk screen products. The use of in mould labels can improve the efficiency without manual labeling, thus eliminating the production link of re-labeling.